The plant world offers us can abundant array of gifts allowing us to take ownership of our own healing and beauty. These gifts don't just apply to our physical selves. The healing energy of phants also effects our emotional, mental and spiritual selves. Plants have been used for centuries to enhance spirituality and our awareness of our connection to all life. Used properly, herbs can become cherished travel companions as you walk your sacred path.

Weight Management $50


Support Lean Muscles 

Balances Body Fluids

Rich Vitamins and Minerals 

Combat Stress - Extra Energy

Burn Calories, Boosts Metabolism

Supports Stommachining and Bowels

Reduces Appetite, Curb Hunger and Craving

Helops Body Utilize Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein

Mood & Energy $50


Happy and Vigorous With Long Term Use

Enhance Energy Sexual Potency

Supports Physical Performance 

AIDS Mental Health

Promoting Sleep

Libido Vitality $50


Balance Hormones

Speed up Metabolism

Boots Vitality & Stamina

Sharpens Focus & Mental Acuity

Improves Dry Tissue Increase Moisture

Imnune Modulators $50


Supports a Healthy Immune System That Can

Enhance Recovers

Supports Energy and Focus

AIDS in Combating Fatigue

Heart Support $50




Great For Cold, Flu, and Seasonal Allergies

Soothes Sore Throat and Cough

Opens Up Congested Sinuses, Lungs, and Airways

Soothes and Relaxes muscles

Promotes Circulation

Sweats Out Toxins and Impurities

Clean and Clears Skin

Helps Strengthen Immune System

Relieves Stress and Promotes Mental Clarity

Relieves Virus Symtoms 

Eyelash & Brow Enhancments

Mega Volume Lashes

Full Set $200
1-Week Fill $45
2-Week Fill $55
3-Week Fill $65

Volume Lashes

Full Set $150
1-Week Fill $30
2-Week Fill $55
3-Week Fill $50

Classic Lashes

Full Set $120
1-Week Fill $40
2-Week Fill $50
3-Week Fill $65

Permanent Make-Up

Powder Shade $300
Ombre Eyebrows-Permanent $350
Microblading $600
3D Brows $500
Original Permanent Make-up $200
Hair Stroke $250
Eyeliner Up and Over Full Set $300
Upper Eyeliner $200
Lower Eyeliner $150
Lip Line $200
Full Lip $400

Nails and Pedicure

An herbal foot soak can be extremely therapeutic. There is nothing quite comfortable as a special herb and sea salt soak with essential oils. Soaking your foot in such an amazing combination of natural ingredients makes for a divine.


Manicure $20

Herbal therapeutic nail soak. Massage sport lotion or calming oil, warm towel.

MN Manicure $30

Herbal therapeutic nail soaks citrus scrub, or detox seaweed mask, calming massage oil or sport lotion, warm towel.


Basic Pedicure $30

Herbal therapeutic foot soak massage lotion, (sport or arthritic your choice) (calming oil), warm towel & hot rock.

Premium Pedicure $40

Herbal therapeutic foot soak. Scrub your choice, lavender, citrus, peppermint, (lemon & thyme). Callus remover, massage oil your choice (calming oil or sport oil, arthritic release oil, warm towel hot rock massage).

MN Pedicure $50

Herbal therapeutic foot soak callus dry skin remove, scrub your choice, lavender, citrus, peppermint, lemon & thyme. Detox seaweed mask, massage oil your choice, calming oil, sport oil, arthritic release oil, warm towel, hot rock.

Additional Services

Remove Acrylic/Take Off $10
Any Service with French Tip + $5
Polish Change Hand $10
Polish Change Feet $10
Gel Polish Change Hand $20
Gel Polish Change Feet $20
Gel Polish with Pedicure + $15
Take Off Gel Polish with Service $5
Take Off Gel Polish Only $10
Buffer Shine $5
Skin Softener Treatment (w/Pedicure) + $10
Treatment Hand $7
Paraffin Treatment Feet $10
Nail Art Design $5 +
French $5 +
Nail Rhinestone $5 +
3D Gem $5 +
Callus Removal $5 +

Kid's Service

(Under 10 years old)

Manicure $15

(includes 2 nails design)

Pedicure $20

(includes 2 nails design)

Polish Change Hand or Feet $5

(includes 2 nails design)

Pedicure & Manicure Package $35

(includes 2 nails design)

Student with ID Card

Any Pedicure Service $5 OFF
Gel Manicure $25
Pink and White Full Set $40
Gel Glitter Powder Full Set $40


The MN Skincare line utilizes fresh and handcrafted botanical aromatherapy derived products. The herbs and plants utilized in our skincare line are grown with pure, vitalized water to make high quality essential oils. These ingredients that are used in ou

Illuminating Skin Treatment $150
Anti-Acne Facial Serum $130

Ideal for Congested, Oily Condition Breakouts, Irritation or Past Blemishes.

Calming & Hydrating Facial $120

Oil, Congested, Sensitive Treatment Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis.

Cellular Renewal Complex Treatment $150

Mature, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damage, Scar Tissue, Fine Lines, Sun Exposed skin.

Restorative Facial Treatment $150

Injured Skin, Scaling, Sun Damaged, Bruising.

Radiant, Brightness, Skin Facial Treatment $120

Dry, Sensitive, Oily, Congested, Rosalia.

Hydrating Facial $100

Dry, Sensitive, Contamination.

Anti-Aging Facial $100

Wrinkle, Fine Lines.

Rejuvenating $100

Dry Skin.

Waxing Treatment

Upper Lip $15
Eyebrow $15
Chin $15
Sideburns $20
Face $40
Neck $20
Toes $12
Underarm $30
Half Arm $50 +
Full Arm $60 +
Half Leg $80 +
Full Leg $100 +
Bikini $40
Brazilian $40
Abdomen + Chest $50 +
Back $50 +


Our classic hair care product formulated with organic and pure botanical oils was developed with fresh wild harvested ingredients, and handcrafted without any chemicals, it is very gentle and will keep your hair healthy, and also use it for scabs and avoi

Short Hair $70 & Up
Medium $80 & Up
Long $90 & Up

Women's Haircuts

Ladies Basic Cut $30
Medium Length $40
Long Length $50 +
Girls Under 12 $20 +

Ladies Hair Coloring

Ladies' Hair Color $60 +
Corrective Color $100 +
Toner $40 +
Partial/Half-Head $100 +

Ombre, Balayage, Sombre, Babylight, Tortoise Shell.

Short Length $80 +
Medium Length $100 +
Long Length $150 +


Shampoo Roller Set $25
Formal Up-Do $40
Wedding $70


Short Length $70 +
Medium Length $90 +
Long Length $100 +
Spiral $120 +

Permanent Hair Straightening

Hair Length Above Chin $135 +
Hair Length Below Chin $190 +
Japanese Straight $200 +
Korean Straight $150 +
American Straight $150 +
Brazilian Smooth $200 +

Men's Haircuts

The Regular Cut $20
The Premium Cut $25
The Deluxe Cut $30
Gray Camouflaging $50
Beard/Moustache Trim $15
Hotline or Design w/Razor $5
Neck Trim $10
The Buzz Cut $20
Eyebrow Wax $15
Highlights $50

Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment/Repair $30

Damaged Hair Treatment, Hair Loss treatment, Hair growing stimulate greasy release, Dandruff Treatment, Body & Shine, and Relaxing Anti-Stress Hair & Scalp Treatment.