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Our Hair and Skin Products are composed of only herbs and essential oils. I have worked in the Salon setting for over twenty-five years and noticed that organic and natural beauty products were scarcely used. Beauty is about care. However, due to the poor ingredients synthesized from chemicals, most of the products made available to men and women are more likely to cause damage than do good. And so, I sought an alternative.

About three years ago, I visited Sepasto, California where I met a professional herbalist who taught at the local university. She shared her research with me and encouraged me to explore the idea of using essential oils in my beauty products. I feel in love with the idea of being able to harness nature's ingredients such as flower, honey, plants, and trees. The benefit of using natural products to be "green". The raw materials found in our products are never bleached or processed. As a result, nourishing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and proteins are preserved. Our botanical skincare and haircare lines are both fresh and luxurious. The beauty products that I have cultivated are rooted in the belief that the products we use should allow us to connect and empathize with the world around us. My team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best products and services possible.